Thank you to all our loyal and new donors!

You nominated and voted for the organizations to receive our funding.

Here are the winners of your vote:

1) The United States Organization that won your vote:
Suicide Prevention Lifeline - received $1800

2) The International Organization that won your vote:

Doctors without Borders - received $1800

3) The Four Runners-Up each received $100:

First Book
Feeding America
Young Workers United
Save the Children (for Puerto Rico)

4) The Breast Cancer Research Foundation - received $300



Book Clubs 4 Change collected $6100 in charitable funds in 2018.

Members/Donors contributed $4300 and each received a BALLOT in December to vote for nominated organizations to receive our funds. The rest of our funds ($1800) were made through the Mah Jongg Benefit Event.


Here are the results of Members' votes:
1) Organizations in the United States:
Equal Justice Initiative (EJI) took FIRST PLACE.  https://eji.org/about-eji
We donated $1500 to them. 
We received a thank you letter from Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy saying:
"Thank you for your generous donation. Your support is crucial in helping us reform the administration of criminal justice. Your partnership makes our work possible, creating hope in marginalized communities."

Girls Who Code: received $100   https://girlswhocode.com
NYC Books Through Bars: received $100  https://booksthroughbarsnyc.org/
Their thank you note said our money will "pay the postage for 30 book packages mailed to incarcerated individuals."

2) International Organizations:
There was a TIE FOR FIRST PLACE between:
Grandmother Circles: We donated $1,000 to them.  https://grandmothercircles.org/
WaterAid: We donated $1,000 to them.  https://www.wateraid.org/us/
They wrote to us: "Thanks to you, students in Colombia and Nicaragua will have healthier, brighter futures."

Save the Children received $200 for the Tsunami Fund in Indonesia  https://www.savethechildren.org/

3) As we said in our November Newsletter, we earmarked some of our funds to
donate to those who survived the devastating fires in Northern California.
Oroville Hope Center for California Fires received $400. https://www.orovillehopecenter.org/

4) Lastly, earlier this year we donated $1800 to March for Our Lives, the organization formed by the youth of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida after the tragic shooting there.  https://marchforourlives.com/   These funds were generated by the "Mah Jongg to Make a Difference" Benefit Tournament we hosted in March, 2018.  

We thank you all again for your donations! 



According to your vote, Membership Donations went to:

United States Organizations
1st place: CROC - providing free legal services to low-income survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault ~~ We donated $2500 to them. Thanks to the law firm of one of our BC4C members, KAYE•MOSER•HIERBAUM•FORD LLP, which generously matched funds up to $1000 for CROC.

2nd place: Everytown for Gun Safety in America - Americans working together to end gun violence and build safer communities. ~~ We donated $300 to them

3rd place: Arm of Care - using the creative arts to bring healing to human trafficking survivors ~~ We donated $100 to them

International Organizations
1st place: BRAC - offering humanitarian aid to refugees from Myanmar
 ~~ We donated $2500 to them
2nd place: Fonkoze - providing empowerment services for the poorest of Haiti~~ We donated $300 to them
3rd place: Powerful Beyond Measure - developing strong female leaders from marginalized communities in the U.S. and Africa by bringing high school girls together in a collaborative program ~~ We donated $100 to them

Our Special Project Funds went to: 
MISSSEY - a program for teens escaping sex-trafficking - $500
Direct Relief - for hurricane victims in Florida,Texas & Puerto Rico - $700
Heshima Kenya -  programs for refugee women and children - $500


We are delighted to share that our donations for 2016 totalled $9,100!

Many thanks to all of you for joining us in our charitable efforts!

YOUR VOTES were tallied and here are the organizations you chose to receive our donations:



In the United States:

1st place: Marron House - received $4,000

2nd place: Canal Alliance - received $400

3rd place: Bridge Edu - received $100


1st place: Heshima Kenya - received $4,000;

$2,000 was earmarked for refugee women in Nairobi

2nd place: Operation Footprint - received $400

3rd place: Olive Tree - received $100

4th place: FORDEC - received $100


                                 BC4C SPONSORED THREE FUNDRAISING PROJECTS IN 2016


1. We created and sold BRACELETS 4 SOCIAL CHANGE, which vary from hand-rolled paper bead bracelets

to button bracelets. These can be ordered by contacting us by email
2.  We held an online AUCTION OF "AN ITALIAN DINNER FOR 10,"  donated by one of our 

3. We co-sponsored a successful MEANINGFUL GIFT BOUTIQUE with two other non-profits; we had over 17 vendors who contributed a portion of their proceeds.

We are pleased to announce that these projects generated an additional $3,550. From this SPECIAL PROJECT FUND, BC4C donated $500 to the Central School System for the Louisiana Flood Recovery Program and $150 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. 


We are thrilled to announce that our donations for 2015 totalled $7,350!
That is amazing considering our donations for our first year, 2014, were $1,400.

YOUR VOTES were tallied and here are the organizations you chose to receive our donations:

In the United States:


1st place: Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America - received $3,000


2nd place: Remote Medical Access (RAM) - received $500



1st place: The Malala Fund - received $3,000


2nd place: The Ellen Meadows Prosthetic Hands - received $500

In Addition:

                     1) We were a "Holiday Angel" for a teen rescued from sex trafficking by MISSEY in Oakland, CA.

             Special funds covering gifts worth $200 were generated by a bracelet service project at Hillside Covenant Church.
                     2) Our volunteer of the year, Fran Favrot of Spring, Texas made and sold "pink ribbon bracelets."

                  At Fran's request, we donated the $150 she generated to Susan B. Komen for breast cancer research. 


On October 4, 2015 we hosted a telephone interview with the well-respected, New York Times Columnist Nicholas Kristof, co-author with his wife Sheryl WuDunn of

Half The Sky and A Path Appears.

The recording of the interview is below. Enjoy!

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Our August, 2014 Laptop and Dictionary Drive

was a huge success! Catherine traveled with her family to Tanzania through a program called Discover Corps (Discovercorps.com) which she highly recommends. She taught at the Longuo School where she hand-delivered 50 donated English dictionaries, one laptop and assorted school supplies.


The teachers and students were ecstatic with the supplies. In some classrooms, three children

had been sharing one pencil.






With your donations, we were able to send $900 to the Fistula Foundation and fund surgeries for two-three girls,

giving them an opportunityto reclaim their lives.


The Fistula Foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of and funding for obstetric fistula treatment worldwide. The foundation funds more fistula repair surgeries

than any other nonprofit.

This foundation helps to support the Addis Ababa Fistula Hospital in Ethiopa, which was described

in the book, Half the Sky. 


A fistula is a childbirth injury caused by prolonged, unrelieved obstructed labor that renders a girl or woman incontinent; this untreated injury, no fault of her own, leads to life-long health problems and

ostracism by the community.


An impressive 90% of fistulas can be successfully treated through surgery.

Learn more at: www.fistulafoundation.org



We donated $450 to Misssey, a center in Oakland, California that is dedicated to rescuing youth from sex-trafficking.

Our donations funded the cost of clothes for three teens, since they come with literally nothing

when rescued from the streets.


Based in Oakland, California, the Misssey Project

provides advocacy, treatment, recovery

and education for sexually exploited youth. 


Young people are offered a way out of prostitution and

are given services including therapy and job training

to begin a new life for themselves.


To learn more about this organization and

ways to volunteer, go to their website: www.misssey.org.


We welcome your ideas and participation!

If you have ideas for fund-raising events or projects for Book Clubs 4 Change,

or have contacts with people who may be interested in partnering with us,

please contact us. We would love to collaborate with others who share our charitable vision.