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  Non-Profit Status

 In 2015 we acquired Non-Profit Status for Book Clubs 4 Change.

  This means that all DONATIONS are Tax Deductible. 

Our non-profit number for your records is 47–4825844.

Your Membership Donation
ANY DONATION OF $25 or more per person
automatically gives you Membership Status with Book Clubs 4 Change.
This allows you to Nominate and Vote for organizations to receive our funding each year.
You will also be added to our Newsletter List sent through MailChimp.

If you are in a book club, 2 options: You can select a Liaison who will collect your individual checks

and mail them in one envelope to our BC4C address OR have each member use the Paypal button at bottom of this page.

 October and November are the months we request your annual minimum contribution of $25 or more.

You will always receive an email receipt for your donation.

  Please note that if your budget allows, we would LOVE to receive

 larger donations or opportunities for matching funds from donors or companies.

We will list your name within the appropriate Giving Circles below.
If you would like to remain anonymous, please email us with that request.

        Basic Membership Donation: $25-$49                                       Silver Circle Donation: $250-$999

           Cathy Jefferson     Susan Light and Rob Weiner                                                         Fran and Claude Favrot             

           Julia McLeod         Alison Trules                                                                               Gayle and Robert Longmire

           Karen Sullivan       Kathryn Winogura                                                                       Jan and Luciano Corazza

           Sharon Bass          Hilary Friedman                                                                          Catherine and Steven Freemire

           Janet Gee             Catherine Chenault                                                                      Ellen Terminello

           Marcia Eiler           Anne Granlund                                                                            Mark Meltzer

           Jill Shugart            Sandi Smith-Grove

           Susan Idell            Gayle Peters   

           Dan Longmire        Jackie Longmire

           Adam Hobbs          David Longmire

           Margo Carroll         Amanda Onate-Trules

           Shelly Bloom          Samantha Francois        


        Bronze Circle Donation: $50-$249                                            Gold Circle Donation: $1,000-$4,999     

           Sara Kiesel            Shary Nunan and Joe Saah                                                         Yuriko Kikuchi

           Martha Patt           Sarah Ackerman

           Laura Halpin          Carolyn and Scott Richter

           Joan Diengott        Anna and Adam Young

              Emma Freemire      Danny Longmire

           Judith Carey          Gail Miles

           Abby Freemire       Chantal Jauvin

           Gail Merriam          Ellen Terminello

           Vickie Vann            Carolyn and Scott Richter

           David Kennedy       Lisa Friedman

           Denise Flor            Fran Goldie-Marcus

           Judi Breaux


 Platinum Sponsors: $5,000 and above



What You Receive By Becoming A Member


1. A Charitable Channel: Here is an opportunity to expand the joy you receive from reading books or being in your book club by joining a charitable channel that helps to empower people in our world, both locally and globally.


2. You Get a Vote: In November, Members will nominate reputable organizations that are doing empowering work in the world around education, healthcare

and social justice issues. Members of BC4C will then receive a ballot in December to vote on at least two organizations to receive our funding: one that is in the U.S. and one that is international.


3. Receive a Newsletter: You will receive our newsletter letting you know of interesting upcoming events and projects, the selected organizations to receive our funds and recommended books and resources.


4. An Invitation to a Telephone Interview of an Author:  Members will be invited to read a pre-selected, inspiring book and hear the author speak about the book by telephone. This is a convenient and exciting way to hear directly from authors from the comfort of your own home.


5. Be Part of Something Larger than Yourself:  You may already be donating to worthy organizations, but becoming a member of BC4C means YOU will have a voice in this grass-roots, volunteer organization that is already making a difference. We have received beautiful thank you notes from organizations that tell us our donations have been life-changing for the people they serve. See where we have donated in the past years by clicking on the link bar above.


                   Sign up for Membership- It's Simple!

1. Fill out and Submit the Membership form below:

Each book club chooses a Liaison and a name for their book club. The Liaison should fill out the membership form below, including the names and email addresses of all their book club members. Individual Readers, who are not in a book club, are WELCOME and should use their own name when filling out the membership form below. 


2. Subscribe to our Quarterly Newsletter: Using the link below, the liaison for each book club should sign up for the Newsletter for each of their members. If you are an Individual Reader, just sign up for our Newsletter for yourself. 


3. Make Your Annual Tax Deductible Contribution: Once a year, each individual reader can mail a check for a minimum $25 to Book Clubs 4 Change at address below or use the Paypal button below. OR: The Liaison for the Book Club can also collect the individual checks and mail them in ONE envelope to BC4C.

Denise Flor

Book Clubs 4 Change

1904 Del Monte CT

Walnut Creek, CA 94595





Book Clubs 4 Change is not affiliated with any religious or political group and is open to ALL!

In order to ensure that you get our Newsletter, put in your Contacts!


The Liaison fills out one form for the whole book club.

Use smaller grey scroll bar on right side of form.