We are a volunteer, charitable organization looking to raise funds to donate to worthwhile organizations that are helping to empower women, men and children in need, both locally and globally. We are not affiliated with a political or religious group. 


All of your donations are tax-deductible. Our non-profit number for you to use for your records is EIN# 47-4825844.



All Donors who contribute $25 or more become automatic Members of BC4C which gives you the opportunity to

 NOMINATE and VOTE for the organizations that will receive our funding each year.

October is the month when Members/Donors makes their annual contribution.

You will always receive an email receipt for your donation.

  Please note that if your budget allows, we would LOVE to receive

 larger donations or opportunities for matching funds from donors or companies.

Basic Membership Circle: $25-$49
Bronze Membership Circle: $50-$249
Silver Membership Circle: $250-$999
Gold Membership Circle: $1,000-$4,999
Platinum Sponsors: $5,000 and above

Beginning in 2019, we will list the names of our donors on this website.

If you would like to remain anonymous, please email us with that request.

There are 3 options to make your donation:

1) Write a check payable to Book Clubs 4 Change and mail it to our Treasurer at:

Denise Flor
1904 Del Monte Ct.

Walnut Creek, CA 94595
2)  Pay through VENMO to: Catherine-Freemire  (include the dash in her name) 
3) Use the Paypal Donate button at bottom of this page

 Click on our 'Orgs Funded' page above to see the recipients of our past funding. It's exciting to see! 

Your GENEROSITY will help someone in the U.S. or abroad have A BETTER LIFE.

We will disburse the BC4C funds to the organizations in December of each year and send a January Newsletter with the info.


Our GIVING POWER EXPANDS as more book clubs and individual readers become DONORS!


Thank you for your generosity!